Bacon Alfredo Ranch Penne (Good Goop)
I through this together one night when I didn’t want to think a lot. When I took a picture my husband said “What do you call this “good goop?” I came up with a different name but I had to give my husband credit because he had to eat it.
Servings Prep Time
6people 30-45minutes
Servings Prep Time
6people 30-45minutes
  1. Cook pasta according to package directions. While pasta is cooking get a large skillet.If frying bacon, keep 1 Tbsp. grease in skillet discard rest. Crumble bacon. If microwaving bacon, crumble when cooked. if using pre-cooked bacon, cut into smaller pieces add olive oil and mushrooms. Stir to warm and brown a little. Add bacon pieces and keep stirring especially if it’s pre-cooked bacon. This gives the bacon a little crunch.
  2. Add alfredo sauce to skillet and drained pasta and mix well. Add ranch dressing to skillet if looking dry add ranch dressing to heat and melt. Shut the skillet off and enjoy! Even if not dry add some dressing and cheese to enjoy the flavor.
  3. To tell you that all cooks are not perfect every time they cook, I’ll give you the backstory on this recipe and how it got created. It got started with boiling the pasta. I didn’t measure the pasta before adding it to the boiling water. I was going to eyeball it from the box. I was pouring and got about 3/4 of the box so I added the whole box to cook because what was I going to do with about 1/3 cup of pasta later?
  4. So I added as much cooked pasta as I dared (easily 1/2 or more). It was mixed with the bacon, mushroom, alfredo mixture.I I I I needed more liquid stuff, so I went to my fridge and grabbed the ranch dressing. What doesn’t go with ranch? I put some in and mixed it up. It still didn’t look creamy enough so I added mozzarella cheese. It still wasn’t creamy, so I added more ranch and cheese until it looked like the picture!
  5. My original intention was penne in alfredo sauce with bacon and mushrooms. I didn’t have any meat out and my family likes mushrooms. I used pre-cooked bacon so I used kitchen scissors to cut into bite-size pieces.See how it morphed from there? My husband had his own name for it (Good Goop). The 3 of us ended up eating it twice, but I added milk to heat it the 2nd time. Pasta absorbs liquid. By the 2nd time eating it I got the compliments! That’s hard from a house of smart mouths.
  6. Make it your own. Add meat, leave out the mushrooms. Make it for your family! Don’t be afraid to mess up, just adjust as you cook!