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If you like looking for your own quick, simple meal recipes to make, you might enjoy a subscription to a magazine that will come in the mail that everyone can look at and give an opinion. The problem I have when looking for recipes in magazines or cookbooks, I tend to lose track of time trying to figure out what to fix. There are even specific cookbooks for sale. Slow cooker, chicken, 5 ingredients or less, or just desserts to name some on Taste of Home website. I like to use little post-it flags to write the name of the

recipe on so it’s easier to find? I even try to color coordinate the flag colors to meats, vegetables, desserts, etc. That part doesn’t always keep working for me, but at least I know what recipe is on that page!   If you have a big family gathering for a holiday, the magazine would include easy dishes that you can bring with you. Even if you have MS your family might not ask you to bring a dish to a holiday meal, but with quick, easy recipes, it might be a little easier to offer or just surprise them! I personally continue to go back to my recipe boxes on those websites. Those recipes I make OFTEN for my family I print off. Then I keep them in folders by courses with my cookbooks.

About any kind of cooking magazine you can think of  is shown here. Magazineline offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on their magazines. They will work with you (or the recipient) when you notify them, even 100% money back if that’s what it takes to satisfy you! They even offer “bill me later”. No credit card is required!

All magazines come with

Free Shipping to all U.S. States and Territories

  • Toll-Free Customer Service
  • Free Gift Messaging with Card
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed If you (or your recipient) are not completely satisfied with your magazine, let them know and they will do whatever it takes to make it right – even a 100% cash refund if you choose.

This is just to name SOME of the cooking magazines that caught my attention. If you believe me there ARE more cooking magazines they offer! If you want to take a look just click on one of these and you can search their website. They even have wine and beer magazines if you would like an unusual gift for Mothers’ Day or even Fathers’ Day, birthday or Christmas?! I have had subscriptions to a lot of these over my 23 years of cooking for a family!

They make a nice gift for cooks  New recipes to look at that come to you the old-fashioned way, in the snail mail It’s a good surprise among the junk mail and bills! The hard part is choosing!


Please leave comments about any of the SEVERAL magazines they have to offer. Which ones you like and don’t like so people get an actual cook’s review.

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