Home Chef Review

Research for Home Chef show the following.

    • PROS–
      • When ordering tell them how many people to feed, how many meals, & any diet restrictions.
      • The box will arrive 7-10 days after order is placed.
      • The recipe tells you what equipment you will need to prepare the chosen recipe that is written for the novice cook.0
      • How many days you have to prepare the meal is printed on the recipe card, also ( usually 3-5 days for fresh meat).
      • They even print the quantities for the ingredients if you want to make it again.
      • The meals come in a thick insulated box with 2 ice packs on top, 2 on bottom, and 2 in the middle.
      • ALL the packaging is recycleable.The ice packs are water-soluble and can be poured down your sink when thawed. It won’t clog your pipes.
      • Each meal is sealed & labeled  in its own clear bigger bag with each recipe ingredient in separate littler clear bags with labels on sauces and spices so you can see the ingredients for that recipe.
      • This way you can see that the meats and vegetables are a good quality and fresh vegetables.
      • The recipe cards have descriptive pictures on the size to chop vegetables or meat.
      • The recipe cards are 3-hole punched so you can put put them in a notebook that the also send with the 1st order.
      • Mostly good flavored food, but comes down to personal taste.
      • The cost is about $10/person per meal.


    • One reported a little lack of amount of some ingredients sent compared to the picture shown.

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