Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms  is  a good supplier of meats since the whole point is seeing what food you are eating, making it to fit your diet, and perhaps a little healthier, don’t miss this site. Many of their meats are very lean and cholesterol kind. It is basically most any kind of meat from all natural meats to farm raised game including Angus beef, Berkshire pork, lamb , chicken, goose, turkey, and duck (3 kinds), game fowl like pheasant and quail and back to the ground with venison and rabbit to more exotic and unusual meats like bison,,  emu, wild boar, and yak shipped to you .You want to try REALLY exotic meat like alligator, kangaroo, exotic reptiles, and ostrich . They have gourmet hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages, jerky (all natural and exotic) and cured meats, too.. If you want to try something you’ve NEVER eaten, don’t worry, they have recipes and seasonings to help out. The animals are humanely raised and antibiotic and hormone free. This is definitely not buying domestic meat from the grocery store. This is buying meat from the butcher. You get the cuts of meat you select delivered to your home. Try giving a gift card if you want to get that meat eater a different kind of “meat” gift.  Be sure to video the reaction from your family when they ask “What’s for supper?” and you reply rabbit, alligator, or ostrich!


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