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I have a website about food. What do you need with food, but something to drink. There are several food choices, so I thought I would add a couple of over 21 drink clubs. Direct Cellars is a fine wine club delivered to you. I’m not talking about wine you can just stop and pick up. This is fine wines from around the globe, perhaps from places you’ve never been!

Fine Wines are just a few clicks away!  No passport needed. Now you don’t even need to leave your home.  Fine wine comes to you.  And you get the benefit of amazing experiences each and every glass!



fine winesYou can get red, or, white wine,OR BOTH! It’s basically a global experience of fine wines from Direct Cellars without leaving the country. The experience of fine wines throughout the globe brought to you.

How about those romantic dinners, or classical music in the park outings? Ever go up the Canyon to enjoy a campfire, some dark chocolate, and oh… some really good Merlot?  If you haven’t I highly recommend it.

fine wines

From a college graduation, to a job promotion.  From a first date to a wedding dinner.  Events and life’s moments are always better with wine. With the fine wines you receive from around the World through Direct Cellars.  This gives you everything you need to make an event an experience that is not soon forgotten; thanks to the magic of wine.  There are birthdays, and celebrations throughout the year.  Why not have the perfect addition to make the moments magical by having a Fine Wine to make it a truly memorable!

fine wines

When your wine comes, it has information on food that goes good with it, and tips on making a wine tasting experience with friends and family. If you still have questions, call Direct Cellars and their staff is happy to answer questions. Want to fix simple spaghetti for dinner, serve it with the suggested wine and a simple dinner has become a relaxing experience. A perfect ending to a busy day!

With access (some are exclusives) to the World’s Largest wine varieties, Direct Cellars is your solution and reward for your hard work in life. fine wines


I’m a skeptic about getting in new things and not being able to get out. Take it from me, you can suspend a month or two or cancel altogether if you try it and find out it’s not for you. What a neat gift at Christmas time. Something different to give your postal worker, delivery person, or anyone, anytime you need a gift for someone! How about a membership as a birthday present for a friend or family member who likes wine?

You get friends to join this fine wine club, there are benefits to you every month, too. There are several prices for the number of bottles you order, so you can choose how many bottles to try!


fine wines

UPDATE: If interested in trying a world-wide event contact me first. I have coupons. (Just note “fine wine” in the personal contact.) THE COUPONS ARE NOW GOOD UNTIL NOVEMBER 30, 2019. Who doesn’t like coupons for trying something new? Now you can have a new addition to your Fall holidays!


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