Neurologist #2

Our daughter was born in the spring of 1999. I felt like a normal mother for about 1-1/2-2 years. My daughter was up and toddling like a normal child. In the summer again I was hit with leg & vision problems. Neurologists #2 took a sonogram of my neck, to see if there was any blockage causing my vision problems and ordered NUMEROUS BLOOD TESTS when we got back to our family doctor. That is when I got my handicap placard sign for the vehicle from our family doctor because of the trouble I was having walking. When I say numerous blood tests, Lyme disease and B vitamins were 2 of the 14 vials of blood taken that day. I can’t even begin to know what all the blood tests were, but it wasn’t like they poked me 14 times. They hit 1 good vein and just kept replacing the vial to hold the blood in the other end of the needle.

When I went back to see doctor #2, I learned that I didn’t have Lyme disease and my body could not absorb B vitamins from an OTC vitamin. My sonogram was normal and so were all the blood tests except the B vitamin. Just so you know, B vitamins help with giving you energy. He also prescribed the steroids IV when I got back home. His nurse did get to give me a B-12 shot IN THE BUTT. My husband got a laugh out of that even though he didn’t get to watch! The doctor said I would have to get a monthly injection at my doctor’s office to help keep up my energy. The doctor thought it was Relapsing Remitting MS because of my symptoms and the fact nothing else showed up in the blood work or any tests from the 1st doctor. He, too, gave me information on the same shots. At least this doctor was willing to listen when I said we had 1 child but wanted to have more. He was very kind AND LISTENED when I said I would take the information home and look at it and talk about it. I told him what food and drinks I had given up and he said that probably had nothing to do with it. I can’t disagree, but it did take about 20-30 pounds of weight off!

Once again, the steroid treatments cleared things up, that’s why he thought I had relapsing remitting MS (RRMS). When I went back to our doctor’s office to get my B-12 shot, I was back to normal, health wise. I left my daughter with my husband and drove myself. He was chuckling because it was to get a shot in the butt! When I asked, the nurse just said “Well we can do that, if you want, but we usually give them in the arm”. Ha! for my hubby when I told him they give the shot in the arm! Technically it’s not exactly the butt anyway. It’s your fatty part of your hip 🙂