I also have a cookbook on this site to get recipes from a little quicker. My family’s favorite recipe that comes to mind quickly is for cream puffs. I only make these for special occasions because the recipe requires several eggs. I double the cream puff pastry recipe, but I make 1/2 a batch of the chocolate filling for half the pastries and use an already-made Bavarian creme filling for the other half of the pastries. I can’t have chocolate (yes I’ve gotten used to it!), so since I’ve gone to the trouble to make them, I make some I can eat, too.

I’ve also bought a pan from here. I broke the lid of my jellyroll pan and this was the ONLY place I found that pan and lid to replace it reasonably priced. I think it is a 11″ x 15″ size? A jellyroll pan is used for several of my older recipes from relatives. All I could find was half sheet or quarter sheet pans. I guess that’s the new size.


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