Weight Loss Choices

If weight loss is your goal, this is also a good website to check out. It has magazines, cookbooks, meal kits, and even already-made meal programs you can try. Don’t think you were left out. Special diets (like gluten free) can even be found here. If you’ve already tried other already-made weight loss meals and want to try a different one go to cook2connect.com and try something new.



Once A Month Meals

Is even getting in on the Weight Watcher point system. They are creating meals for you to make, store in the freezer, and get out when you need it.

We’re going to mix, marinate and freeze 5 super easy weight watchers recipes, to make 10 ready-to-go meals to throw on the grill all summer long! Did we mention they are 4 Freestyle Points of Less!

Stick to your goals and diet this summer with these fast and furious weight watchers meals for the freezer!

Amazon Cookbooks

There are several different cookbooks Amazon offers. From specific cookers, mixers,or ingredients to special diets, you name it just search for it.

¬†Aren’t quite sure what to get them? How about a gift card? Then it’s like shopping without spending YOUR money!

Please leave comments on cookbooks you liked and didn’t like so others can get some personal knowledge from users.

Taste of Home

Taste of Home has more kinds of recipes to look through. You can look through ingredients, cooking methods, or diet restrictions (like diabetic) They also offer some good magazine subscriptions.


If I find something to buy, I like to compare prices  of the items and see if the same things are sold on both Amazon & Walmart. Sometimes they are, but not always.

Amazon has also started getting into FRESH grocery delivery. Be sure to check your zip code to see if it’s available in your area. It’s not in mine. With the popularity of meal kits. today, Amazon has even started trying it, also. When you click on the Amazon link above, just search “meal kits” on their website.