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This is not a club, but it’s for over 21-year-olds, so it goes in the same column.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to MAKE your own beer? Come to Brooklyn Brew Shop and get a gallon-size, all grain, kit that’s an easy and fun way to make your own beer. They have several kits to choose from.  Whether it’s a light Belgian-Style Ale, a hoppy IPA, a creamy stout, or something else entirely, you can brew the beer you’d love to drink. They even have wine, but there are a couple things (not included) to purchase to make the wine. IPA is an India Pale Ale. It was named by England back in the day for the time to get from England to India. They are usually more hoppy tasting and may have a little stronger alcohol content. If that’s the taste for you, be sure and look because they have several to choose from!

All Beer Making Kits include the equipment & ingredients for your first batch. The equipment is reusable, so you’ll just need a new Beer Making Mix for future batches. Along with SEVERAL kinds of kits such as craft brewery, dark and light ales, bacon, mojito, rum, even a hot sauce type and yes, chocolate! At the other end there is even a bikini beer. You just have to look through ALL the kits to find some to try. They even get the autumn flavor of hard cider. It seems if you buy 1 kit and keep the jug, you can buy as many mixes to try because you can clean and reuse the bottle. The gallon jug is equal to about 20 beers.Look at the accessories to buy bottles, for gifts. a stainless steel keg to turn your beer making into 2 DAYS instead of 2 weeks. It’s even small enough to fit in your fridge and comes with an interchangeable tap. Not sure which one to start with? Start with the beer tasting set to wet your whistle.

If you know of someone that would enjoy making beer for a different kind of gift, give a GIFT CARD! With holidays coming up, what a unique gift for the beer lover. How about a birthday present (if the person is over 21). bachelor gifts, Father’s Day, anytime you need an unusual gift. Maybe you’d be responsible for creating a new hobby!

It’s a project that takes little room. Compact, attractive & designed for kitchens of all sizes (big and small), our Beer Making Kits are the perfect introduction to brewing your own beer.

Orders over $59 are FREE SHIPPING, otherwise the chart shows up at checkout.


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