Taste of Home

Taste of Home has more kinds of recipes to look through. You can look through ingredients, cooking methods, or diet restrictions (like diabetic) They also offer some good magazine subscriptions.


If I find something to buy, I like to compare prices  of the items and see if the same things are sold on both Amazon & Walmart. Sometimes they are, but not always.

Amazon has also started getting into FRESH grocery delivery. Be sure to check your zip code to see if it’s available in your area. It’s not in mine. With the popularity of meal kits. today, Amazon has even started trying it, also. When you click on the Amazon link above, just search “meal kits” on their website.


This is a meal kit you don’t have to do preparation for. All you have to do is cook the beef patties to your liking. Every “Feast Kit ” for 2 people comes with 2 massive “burgas”, ingredients and original recipes to put them together, 16 oz. french fries, 16 oz. of gourmet mac & cheese, side of baked beans AND a side of cole slaw. All you have to do is warm up the sides, cook the beef patties, assemble the massive “burgas” all in less than 30 minutes. Then you can eat. They even have the endorsements of celebrity chefs Rachael Ray, Cuy Fieri, and Michael Symon. Do you know someone that would enjoy trying the Burgabox? Give them a Burgabox gift card and let them do the rest!http://www.bostonburgerco.com/

Once A Month Meals

Can’t live on a meal by meal basis because you aren’t sure what’s going to happen in everyone’s day? Can you take 1 day a month to cook for the whole month? Then check out Once A Month Meals. It allows you to do just that, choose recipes from their site, go grocery shopping from the prepared list, prepare and cook the meals, and flash freeze the meals. Then you can pull the food out of the freezer when you’re ready to reheat and eat when needed. Don’t worry. They tell you how to make, flash freeze, and reheat the recipes! A Once a Month Meals membership grants access to ALL menus for all menu types. Members can use any new menu or any menu in the archives (they have over 600!), and they do not have to choose a menu type. Additionally, they are able to fully customize any menu to fit their individual needs and preferences (more details here). All members have access to the Once a Month Meals Community! This is their space – their kitchen table, if you will – where they talk all things freezer cooking! Search for tips and advice, connect with other freezer cooks, and share your story and experience.To “try before you buy,” sign up for our newsletter and receive a dietary specific mini menu. (Note: These menus come in a PDF format and are set for four servings and cannot be customized. But they give you a good idea of what the printed resources look like and how they set up a freezer cooking day.) All Once a Month Meals memberships are recurring – details can be found here. We do not offer refunds on monthly memberships – details on why are included here.


What is OAMM’s membership model?

Simply put, to focus on our current members. 

We believe in providing our members with the best customer experience and strive to help people meet their meal planning and lifestyle goals. We want to take time to hone in on what is working well, improve the things that aren’t, and love on our members in new and exciting ways! By focusing more on our current customers, we can increase the value of our membership.

Why should my followers buy now and not wait for membership to open next time?


They are creating meals for you to make, store in the freezer, and get out when you need it.  5 super easy weight watchers recipes, to make 10 ready-to-go meals! Did we mention they are 4 Freestyle Points or Less!
Stick to your goals and diet with these fast and furious weight watchers meals for the freezer!

Don’t forget that we have all new menus for Traditional, Paleo, Real Food, Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, and Keto that also came out on November 1st. They all have a featured icon on them on the menus page.  Also 25 new gluten-free, dairy free recipes, how to make ahead freezer meals with no time, healthy meals in your slow-cooker, dinner for back-to-school days, and how about 7 incredible freezer cooking hacks!

Simple and easy-to-assemble dump-and-go Autumn meals that are no mess to prep!

See Expiring Menus 








Can You Eat Meat And Still Be Healthy?

How meat and poultry fit in your healthy diet

When you follow these methods to cut the fat, meat and poultry can be both a tasty and healthy part of your diet.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Meat and poultry can be valuable sources of protein and other important nutrients, but they can also be sources of unhealthy saturated fat. And meat and poultry with more fat tend to be tastier — something chefs know, which is why they often use higher fat cuts of meat and poultry in their recipes.

But before you copy their recipes, consider this: With a few simple tricks and tips, you can have tasty and healthy entrees. Learn how to choose the healthiest selections of meat and poultry and how to prepare them using low-fat methods. With these tips, you can reduce the fat even in higher fat marbled cuts.

Selecting meat and poultry

Look for lean cuts. Certain cuts of meat and poultry are lower in fat. Lean cuts of beef include round, chuck, sirloin and tenderloin. Lean pork or lamb includes tenderloin, loin chops and leg. The leanest poultry is white meat from the breast with no skin.

Check percentages. When buying ground beef, look for packages with the highest percentage of lean meat — 90 percent or higher.

Watch the ground. Ground poultry can have as much fat as ground beef has, or more, because it often includes dark meat and skin. To make the leanest choice, choose ground breast meat, or look for 90 percent lean ground chicken or turkey.

Be selective. Choose beef that is labeled “Choice” or “Select” instead of “Prime,” which usually has more fat. If you can’t resist the higher fat cuts, use them as an occasional indulgence rather than a regular option.

Preparing meat and poultry

Trim the fat. Cut off any visible, solid fat from meat and poultry. This includes the skin on poultry. When roasting chicken or turkey, it’s OK to leave on the skin for cooking, but remove the skin and the fat underneath before eating. Also, remove any remaining visible fat from pork and beef before eating.

Use marinades. Marinades tenderize meat and keep it moist while cooking. They can also enhance flavor that may otherwise be lost when you trim fat. Choose low-fat marinades, such as mixtures of herbs or spices with wine, soy sauce or citrus juice.

Go low. Low-fat cooking methods include grilling, broiling, roasting, sauteing and baking. Cooking melts away much of the fat in meat and poultry. So when you cook meat or poultry in your oven, be sure to put it on a rack on a baking pan so that the fat drips away.

Skim ahead. Make dishes in which you cook the meat in liquid, such as soups and stews, a day or two in advance and then refrigerate. As the dish chills, the fat hardens on the top and you can easily skim it off.

Drain the fat. After cooking ground meat, drain the fat from the pan and rinse the meat with hot water. Blot the meat with a paper towel to remove any remaining fat and the water.

Watch serving sizes. Reducing your portion size reduces your fat and cholesterol intake. Choose 3 ounces (85 grams) of meat. That’s about the size of a deck of cards. Three ounces also equals half of a boneless, skinless chicken breast, or one skinless chicken leg with thigh, or two thin slices of lean roast beef.

Eating meat and poultry in moderation

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that most people cut back on saturated fat, which comes mainly from animal sources of food, such as red meat and poultry. When you do eat meat and poultry, choose lean versions. Also, consider eating fish and seafood more often — at least twice a week — instead of meat and poultry. Try a few meatless meals, too.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy meat and poultry if you choose. But keep it healthy by selecting lean cuts and using low-fat cooking methods.

About Sooz

I’ve been a farm wife happily married for 25 years (April 1995). We have 2 kids, a girl and a boy. We all help on the farm, so I guess that makes us a farm family. My husband and I decided when we got married that WE would make it work off of his income so I could stay home with the kids starting 4 years later with the 1st kid.. The summer is especially busy on our farm, because in addition to the spraying and fertilizing the planted crops, and putting up hay for the cattle, it is also gardening and canning time.

As the kids got older they would help more outside when they weren’t in school, at school activities, or it was summer. The house is where I would eventually stay because I couldn’t handle the heat (more on that in the next paragraph) and working in the garden with a cane didn’t work so well. That means I got mostly meal fixing–breakfast, dinner (lunch) and supper (dinner) depending on your lifestyle!

Farmers work hard all year, so they require a good meal at noon because they may be working late. Growing kids require food. Everyone requires food and on 1 income,  eating out was not an option. Besides that, we live nearest to a town of about 200 people! I couldn’t serve much chicken because we raise cattle and get hogs from a cousin, so we have freezers full of meat. Buying chicken didn’t happen often because it was an added unnecessary expense. So I guess that’s where my collection of cookbooks began. I was always looking for something different to make with that many meals.

The plan was for me to work off the farm when the kids were older. I stress “plan” because 3 months after I got married, I spent the next 5 years with 2 different neurologists, and many tests, saying to me that I “might have MS.” I changed neurologists to hear the same thing. I couldn’t handle the heat. I would be down for about a week when it affected me, take steroid treatments and I would be back going again.

Prescription treatments weren’t an option to start because I wasn’t done having kids. Well  when kid number 2 came and I had to change doctors again, because he moved, but decided what I was doing was working just fine. By the 3rd doctor it was a definite conclusion of MS.

The last doctor (#4) I’ve been with for over 6 years. She has seen me walk normal, to using a cane to a walker now. I do leg exercises daily at home to stay walking, but I know my limits.  I’ve just recently quit driving.I’m determined to stay out of a wheelchair as long as I can. I saw 1 kid graduate high school with a walker and I have 4 years until the other.

Update: I started this venture of learning how to make a website and become an affiliate marketer the fall of 2017. I’m still going with it, but got some disheartening news in the winter. Because of my MS I can no longer drive. I even got a manual wheelchair at Christmastime to use for places with a distance to walk when I get there. I don’t use it at home, but my son has a good time playing with it! My cards have changed once again, but we just adapt to it.

I would LOVE to go to Mexico for an HSCT bone marrow stem cell treatment that has cured over 75% of MS patients, but it costs WAY more money than we can afford. It’s been successfully proven to work in Canada and other countries, but is only in trial stages in the U.S. To do that trial costs TWICE what it does in Mexico! That’s okay, I can dream!

I didn’t qualify for government disability when farming wasn’t paying so well. I don’t feel it’s every other taxpayers’ responsibility to pay for me not able to work at a job! We just do without luxury things we cannot pay for (new cars, vacations, etc). We have food, clothes, and a roof over our head. . .and each other, which you take the bad with the good. 🙂

That’s when I decided things had to get a little easier with fixing meals at home. I plan ahead and use the crock pot more and use easy to fix recipes also, saving leftovers to have again, because there’s just 2 of us during the day with 1 at college and 1 in high school. I might even make a double batch and put in the freezer for another time when I get a chance to rest in the afternoon. If it’s a chicken recipe, I may use pork sausage instead, but I can adapt it to our taste.

Nobody gets to choose the cards they are dealt, but I believe that attitude is everything when it comes to dealing with your cards. My family and I have accepted it and help me often. I just feel that cooking is knowledge that I can pass on and maybe help others.


I get help from family, friends, or strangers, without asking, wherever I go someplace, so I would just like to pass on a little knowledge that I have with cooking. Kind of a pass it forward- type of thing. A few years after I got married my husband says that he was worried about eating meals because I didn’t know much about cooking. He followed that with “but you’re pretty good now. “I guess we’ll live!!”    I’m trying to live with less stress in my life (another MS problem), so I would like to help others to do the same when it comes to cooking. Parents, brides, or whoever wants to learn more about cooking.


My goal is to help families put a healthier meal on the table even if they don’t know how. This gives families a quick break from busy lives, to connect as a family and to see how everyone is doing. If a family is cooking together then they are connecting as a family, maybe learning a little , and having a little fun!
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best!



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