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This website I also get emails from by getting added to their email list. They have food from any course. One pot comfort foods, slow cooker dishes, holiday and entertaining, a how to section,everyday meals, and just recipes. I find that some of their recipes start out with a boxed dinner, add some ingredients and make it just a little more homemade tasting. From the recipes that I have used off their website, most are made with food I have in my pantry or freezer. That makes the recipes have familiar ingredients, not exotic and hard to find (expensive) ingredients.

It’s a good place to start if you’re a new cook!



This is a website that I get several recipes from by getting added to their email list. My family’s favorite recipe from here is “The Best Unbaked Cherry Cheesecake Ever.”   I first got introduced to this recipe when my daughter was performing in high school plays. They would put on a dinner theater and parents would make this dessert for it. If you double the recipe it fits in a 9 x 13 pan, which makes it easy to cut and put on plates. If I fix it for us 4, I will use a store-bought graham cracker crust. This eliminates 1 step making it that much easier. I have even bought the spray whip cream when it’s on sale to put on top of the pie filling. If we don’t have any pie filling for it, we have used chocolate or butterscotch ice cream topping to put on top too. It’s even been requested for birthdays instead of “normal” cake. I don’t think it’s quite “diet” food, but it is good “comfort” food! It is a recipe that you can make occasionally and not feel guilty. You don’t even have to heat the house in the summer to eat it!


Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms  is  a good supplier of meats since the whole point is seeing what food you are eating, making it to fit your diet, and perhaps a little healthier, don’t miss this site. Many of their meats are very lean and cholesterol kind. It is basically most any kind of meat from all natural meats to farm raised game including Angus beef, Berkshire pork, lamb , chicken, goose, turkey, and duck (3 kinds), game fowl like pheasant and quail and back to the ground with venison and rabbit to more exotic and unusual meats like bison,,  emu, wild boar, and yak shipped to you .You want to try REALLY exotic meat like alligator, kangaroo, exotic reptiles, and ostrich . They have gourmet hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages, jerky (all natural and exotic) and cured meats, too.. If you want to try something you’ve NEVER eaten, don’t worry, they have recipes and seasonings to help out. The animals are humanely raised and antibiotic and hormone free. This is definitely not buying domestic meat from the grocery store. This is buying meat from the butcher. You get the cuts of meat you select delivered to your home. Try giving a gift card if you want to get that meat eater a different kind of “meat” gift.  Be sure to video the reaction from your family when they ask “What’s for supper?” and you reply rabbit, alligator, or ostrich!


bistro MD

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BistroMD has  different sections of already prepared meals delivered to your home. You can choose a standard well-balanced diet program, an actual weight-loss program, a diabetic or gluten-free program, or a menopause program for women. They even have a diet delivery program especially for men.

  • You can choose a full 7 day program with  (7)  breakfast,(7)  lunch, and (6) dinner. This allows for a “my dinner” night.
  • A full 5 day program with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 5 days.
  • A 7 day just lunches and dinners program, or
  • A 5-day just lunches and dinners  program.

There are over 150 customizable menu choices to choose from. Wouldn’t a chef-prepared weight loss meal be something to try besides the standard ones you see advertised?




The Silver Cuisine by bistroMD is doctor-designed, chef prepared meals for people 50+ years old. They even accept AARP and there is no set number of meals to buy.

KitchenAid 5 Qt. Artisan Stand Mixer Review

This KitchenAid 5 qt. tilt-head Artisan stand mixer is my personal mixer of choice! Amazon carries it in 45 colors & 10 speeds. It weighs 26 pounds so I give it a permanent place on my counter. This mixer has a 325 watt motor & comes with:

  • a 5 qt. stainless steel bowl that locks into the base
  • a coated paddle (for cakes and cookies) It can mix a batch of 9 dozen cookies at once.KitchenAid KSM150PSOB Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield - Onyx Black
  • a coated dough hook (for yeast breads) It can mix 4 loaves of bread at one time.
  • a 6-wire whisk (for whipping cream or egg whites)
  • a pouring shield for the top of the bowl to add ingredients to mix
  • a recipe book with an order form and pictures to order more bowls,  a flex-edge paddle, etc.

You can buy a stainless steel 3 qt mixing bowl for it which I use with the whip for making meringue for pies because I use the other bowl & flex blade for mixing the pie ingredients. You can buy a glass bowl to set on the base also. I even bought a flex blade to use instead of the flat blade because it scrapes the bowl while it mixes. That requires some blade adjustment which is made by lifting the hinge and adjusting it in the neck of the mixer. I call it my mixer of choice because I asked for one for my anniversary years ago and slowly I’ve been able to add attachments to it for birthday or Christmas present. It does stay on my counter for easy access like a kitchen decoration. My family even makes cookies because it is easy to access! I don’t have all these separate appliances to store. I have attachments that add on to the front of the machine top in the attachment hub.

There are 12 attachments that you can purchase for it also:

  • slicer/shredder
  • pasta roller/ cutter
  • gourmet pasta press
  • ravioli maker
  • grinder/strainer
  • juicer
  • food processor & commercial style dicing kit
  • precise heat mixing bowl
  • spiralizer plus peel, core, & slice
  • 2 qt. ice cream maker
  • fruit/vegetable strainer
  • grain mill



  • The peeler, core, & slice attachment is good for making apple pies.
  • Get more than 1 ice cream bowl because it’s so easy to make ice cream/sorbet that you’ll want to make 1 batch while another is in the freezer!


Price- Amazon has it for $300.

If you take your time you can find it other places on sale or watch sales at Amazon. The attachments aren’t cheap either, but they cost less than a stand-alone appliance of that kind.

Bowl quality- There was 1 complaint of the stainless steel bowl quality because it left black in her bowl the 1st time she used it making cookies. I would personally wash it before using, just to make sure it is clean. It comes well packed so it was a factory error. She didn’t say what happened after that, so I don’t know.

Note:If you click on bigger “mixer” in the tools paragraph it will take you to Amazon website’s Artisan KitchenAid mixer. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a chart of KitchenAid stand Mixers.

Home Chef Review

Research for Home Chef show the following.

    • PROS–
      • When ordering tell them how many people to feed, how many meals, & any diet restrictions.
      • The box will arrive 7-10 days after order is placed.
      • The recipe tells you what equipment you will need to prepare the chosen recipe that is written for the novice cook.0
      • How many days you have to prepare the meal is printed on the recipe card, also ( usually 3-5 days for fresh meat).
      • They even print the quantities for the ingredients if you want to make it again.
      • The meals come in a thick insulated box with 2 ice packs on top, 2 on bottom, and 2 in the middle.
      • ALL the packaging is recycleable.The ice packs are water-soluble and can be poured down your sink when thawed. It won’t clog your pipes.
      • Each meal is sealed & labeled  in its own clear bigger bag with each recipe ingredient in separate littler clear bags with labels on sauces and spices so you can see the ingredients for that recipe.
      • This way you can see that the meats and vegetables are a good quality and fresh vegetables.
      • The recipe cards have descriptive pictures on the size to chop vegetables or meat.
      • The recipe cards are 3-hole punched so you can put put them in a notebook that the also send with the 1st order.
      • Mostly good flavored food, but comes down to personal taste.
      • The cost is about $10/person per meal.


    • One reported a little lack of amount of some ingredients sent compared to the picture shown.

    Home Chef

    We’re #1!

    According to an independent third-party study, Home Chef has the highest rate of customer satisfaction among leading meal kit companies.

    Why are we rated number 1?


    Home Chef provides flexibility and lets you skip any week.


    Home Chef offers up to 26 weekly choices using Customize It, priced from $7.99. Mix and match based on your preferences.


    With Home Chef, customers can spend less than $50 per week on their order

     Home Chef is more affordable than shopping for the same ingredients at a supermarket. Not only do their meal kits save you time, they can save you money per meal. The kits include the right amount of FRESH ingredients and also include the amount of oils, spices, and “extras” (like cheese) needed in the recipes. Tips and tricks for preparation are included also. You don’t have to worry about buying a big bottle of oil or spices at the grocery store you won’t use again. You even take a chance on NOT FINDING that oil or spice in your grocery store.  You can select any number of meals, but most order 3 meals or more. Some people even order 2 of the same meal at a time.

    The kits will arrive the next week in an environmentally-friendly insulated box with ice packs. So you just put them in the refrigerator until ready to prepare.  Control your deliveries by skipping a week or pausing or canceling your account. Ingredients in the box are organized to each recipe making it just a little easier for you! They make fancy food approachable and inexpensive. You get everything you need to whip up a restaurant-caliber meals for two people or make sure you order enough for the family.  It will take a novice chef approximately 30 minutes to fix one of their meals.

    Worried about choosing from the same meals over and over? They add 8 new meals each week. Based in Chicago, their cuisine is inspired from the Midwest and their meals are based on the preferences of their customers!

    Decide on the meals ahead of time, pay and order them. Then they are delivered to your door. No fighting the grocery store and no deciding what drive-thru restaurant tonight.You provide the cooking tools and place to prepare. Get everyone involved in cooking the meal and you just might have a little fun!

    In just about 30 minutes a novice cook can select one of the ordered meals and get a home-cooked meal on the table for your family. Healthier eating and you can see EVERY INGREDIENT you are eating. Are you on a restricted diet, are you vegan or vegetarian they have special meals to choose from.

    Want to give a different baby gift or wedding  present? How about a meal kit gift card! Then the couple can choose their own meals. Know a parent with a child in college or with his/her 1st apartment? A gift card will give them a healthy meal to fix and eat,

    Home Bistro


    They have also introduced ALL NEW SUPERBOWLS

    They have 9 new SUPERBowls™. Their SUPERBowls give you the power to take back your lunchtime, thanks to their quick preparation and convenient portability. Whether you’re headed to the office or on-the-go elsewhere, packing one of these microwaveable bowls will allow you to prepare a healthy gourmet meal in mere minutes! Also great for supper!

    Blue Apron

     At Blue Apron, the chefs and farmers work together to make food more sustainable and recipes more delicious for you to make a week of meals. You get proportioned ingredients and step-by-step recipes to make your meals. You choose the meals ahead of time, place an order, and it’s shipped to you. No grocery store to fight,little to no waste on ingredients, and no last-minute decisions to make on what to fix that night. You simply take the ingredients from the box, prepare the meal, cook, and serve. Want to give a meal, but don’t know what to give, get a gift card and let that person decide.

    Six recipes from 6 countries and no flying or passport required! For 6 weeks Blue Apron is teaming with Airbnb to bring you a new recipe each week from around the world with Airbnb experience.

    Get $60 Off Your First 6 Weeks!


    Blue Apron is always shipped free to your home!